Philly FABB gets zen!

This past Sunday, Philly FABB members met at Philly Power Yoga and enjoyed a zen afternoon of hot yoga, healthy fare from Fuel, energizing antioxidant-rich hydration from Bai, and took home some inspirational jewelry from Empowered by Jen Groover.

Philly FABB gets zen

Philly FABB gets zen!

Abby and Lauren at Philly Power Yoga treated us to an amazingly relaxing and re-energizing yoga session focused on creating space within our torso and lengthening our limbs since we spend so much time at our desk and sitting at the computer. It was the perfect super chilly Sunday activity. I find that I get caught up in the rush of life and running from one commitment to the next and it was such a pleasure to take some time and slow down and quiet my mind.

Philly FABB members, Natalie and Jade, perfecting their pose!

Philly FABB members, Natalie of and Jade of, perfecting their poses!

After our class, all the FABB members got to nosh on delicious, healthy paninis and a beautiful strawberry & spinach salad from Fuel. I loved the food so much that I will definitely be adding Fuel to my favorite places in PHL and without any guilt! All of their menu items are 500 calories or less and 100% organic!!! Now I’m not a health nut, but when something is filling and delicious, I’m in! I absolutely loved their roasted turkey panini with goat cheese and pesto! And it was 345 calories, love!!


Fantastic paninis from Fuel
[image courtesy of]

Once we loaded up on a perfect post-yoga grub, we sat down with Lauren and Abby and had a really great open discussion about the power of yoga and its origins. I learned that yoga was created as a way of creating space within the body and as a precursor to mediation. There are so few moments where my mind is solely focused on one task and that is the beauty of yoga. In creating the necessity to focus only on your body movement and balance, you are clearing your mind of all the daily chatter like ‘don’t forget to buy printer cartridges’ and ‘remember to schedule an oil change’. It’s good for the body and the mind!


My Philly FABB cp-founder Jessie and I.

For continued mind and body zen, each Philly FABB member received a goodie bag from our event. Fabbies enjoyed sipping on Bai after class to give them a little pep in their step that also ward free radicals. The Lemonade, Pomegranate, and Mango were all delicious but Blueberry was the crowd favorite!

Bai flavors

Treat your body well, inside and out! Thanks for making that easy Bai!

With Empowered jewelry by Jen Groover each Philly FABB member will be able to keep their inspirational messages with them wherever they go. Empowered’s designs are classic and ideal layering pieces, plus each has a  unique message! Jen created Empowered jewelry to inspire others to live their best life possible. This rhinestone pendent is my favorite and is engraved with Jen Groover’s personal quote “live with passion and purpose”.


Sometimes we all need a little inspiration…and bling!

Our friends at Andre Richard Salon also gifted each member an organic, fragrant bar of soap from Hugo Naturals. Of course this soap smells divine but it is also 100% natural, vegan, gluten and soy-free. It’s made with food grade products and isn’t tested on animals because there is nothing fabb about traumatizing animals or slathering your body with toxins. Instead, Hugo Naturals uses coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and vitamin E which are so nourishing and hydrating. Just what skin needs in this winter weather!


Such an amazing scent! Put it right to use after my workout!

Thanks again to all our of Philly FABB sponsors of Bend Into Your Blogging Zen. Each of you played a very special role in creating a fabb event!

Lauren xo

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